Improving lives with cutting-edge chemistry

Advancing the modern medicine that helps us all thrive.

We work with clients all over the world to develop and manufacture the novel active pharmaceutical ingredients needed to treat diseases and improve quality of life. These ingredients are key constituents of vaccines, antiviral and rare disease therapies that improve human health.

Some of our highlights:

  • Over two decades of ICH Q7-equivalent cGMP manufacture
  • Clients from NASDAQ Pharma to biotech start-ups
  • Consistently deliverproducts to meet client needs
  • Track record of successful IND submissions
  • Late-stage development & validation
  • Supply of Kifunensine, DHDT and alpha GalCer

Advancing carbohydrate and polymer chemistry innovation

Our diverse experience, developed from work with early-stage start-ups through to big-pharma, means that we’re constantly developing our capabilities.

More than three decades in industry have helped us build a high-level of expertise. Combined with our focus on quality and customer service, we know we offer our clients something special.

Our successful discovery work with international partners has placed us at the forefront of drug development for some of the world’s most serious diseases. From this strong base, we have built an impressive track record from early-stage research through to the chemical synthesis and small-scale manufacture of drug compounds for pre-clinical and clinical trials.

What sets us apart

We are unique in our ability to tackle complex engineering and chemistry problems and help de-risk the CM&C component of drug development for our clients, right through to successful regulatory submissions.

So how do we achieve that level of quality at the right price for clients worldwide? It’s the result of our location in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand.

Top-tier talent at the bottom of the world

We have a stable, highly-educated international workforce. Once staff come here, they stay, so we benefit from a deep pool of experience to ensure we get things right the first time.

Aotearoa New Zealand is a safe and law-abiding country, with clear, easy-to-navigate business processes and a great respect for intellectual property. Being open and transparent is part of our culture. We use our no-surprises policy to resolve any issues together with clients as they arise.

“We understand that the product offering is not just about shipping material, but is as much about the information package. The quality of that information is of fundamental importance to the quality of the product we offer.

This is built in, and built up, from the very start, and this why quality assurance features strongly in all stages of our operation.”

Dr. Paul Benjes
General Manager, GlycoSyn

“When you work with GlycoSyn, our team becomes your team. We are happy to get on the phone to clients in the US, Europe, or Asia at any time because we realize how important it is for them to have ready access to us.

That friendly flexibility is what brings customers back to us again and again.”

Dr. Tony Davidson
Senior Business Development Manager, GlycoSyn

What our clients say about us

“When GRO Biosciences was looking for a skilled partner in the synthetic carbohydrate chemistry space, we surveyed a number of firms.  Glycosyn offered us a blend of competence, creativity, and ease of interaction that keeps us coming back for more. 

What started as a single project has now grown into 5 projects across 30 months and counting.  We have dealt with a variety of team members at Glycosyn, all of whom bring strong expertise in their subject matter areas and a commitment to getting the job done.  Given the other partners that we diligenced for our projects, it simply wouldn’t be possible to do with them what we’re doing with Glycosyn.”

Christopher Gregg CSO, GRO Biosciences

“GlycoSyn not only have excellent facilities supported by world class staff but importantly from a client’s perspective, understand the pharmaceutical industry needs and demanding standards from laboratory work through to process design and scale up under GMP.

This, together with not only a “can do” but a “will do” attitude has significantly contributed to our ongoing success.”

Philip Marshall CEO, Oncology Research International Limited

“I’ve had the great fortune to work with GlycoSyn for over 10 years  on projects that span my time at Spinifex Pharmaceutical and Starpharma.

In all their work for me they have demonstrated a very high level of technical proficiency as they developed scalable synthetic routes to APIs and intermediates and executed cGMP campaigns. Their facility is first-class and is supported by an excellent analytical chemistry group and a robust quality assurance system.

What sets GlycoSyn apart is they do more than just ‘fee-for-service’ work; they commit to a project as if it were their own.”

Tom McCarthy CEO, Spinifex Pharmaceuticals