Highly skilled with the highly complex

We provide a niche offering in the drug development cycle, synthesising complicated bioactive molecules, and developing reliable and robust processes for manufacture. 

Our projects usually start with a med-chem drug discovery phase, either in collaboration with partners like the Ferrier institute, or with our clients.

We are especially good at producing compounds at small scale such as potent vaccine adjuvants. Equally, we can cater to tens of kilogram requirements for the manufacture of molecules suited to the rare disease space or specialty commercial manufacture of key cGMP ingredients.

What our clients like about us

Exceptional level of expertise and technical resources

Support from an experienced team of highly-educated, experienced staff in state-of-the-art facilities

Full transparency and strong communication

Regular reporting to ensure your involvement in and visibility of every step of the project

Flexible project development to meet clients’ needs

Flexible pricing to meet your budget across FTE Research, time or material projects, and fixed-price projects

A great group of people to work with

A dedicated PhD-qualified project manager and easy access to world-class scientists and humans

Our ‘first time right’ approach

Our outstanding pool of dedicated experts use open and honest communication to collaborate closely with our clients. You will have an agile, seamless path from early API discovery to development, scale-up, and manufacture.

We encourage everyone to contribute to and take responsibility for quality and safety in all aspects of development and manufacturing. Our ‘right first time’ approach reduces time to market and alleviates the technical and regulatory risks associated with drug development.

Our commitment to individual and collective performance standards means we deliver above and beyond expectations.

Health, safety, and environment

We instil a culture where individuals contribute to and take responsibility for safety and the hauora (wellbeing) of our people. Our Home Safe Every Day programme is our commitment to achieve HSE excellence.

Our operations are potentially hazardous to the environment, for the populations living near the facilities, and most importantly to the personnel involved in the daily operations. We fully understand the often highly reactive pharmaceutical materials that we are dealing with, and ensure we have adequate engineering in place to handle them appropriately.

We thoroughly consider and assess the risk of all aspects of development and manufacturing.

Organization-wide commitment to protecting IP

Our steadfast commitment to protecting our clients’ sensitive intellectual property is built into our culture. Chemical and Manufacturing Control (CMC) documentation is restricted to authorized personnel and proprietary documentation is never shared outside of GlycoSyn.

We make IP ownership simple: you own all the process improvements we make for you.

Flexible pricing models

We offer flexible pricing models to best suit your stage of development.

Fixed cost: Fixed cost projects usually fall within the scope of cGMP manufacturing projects, where processes are well defined and predictable. We offer milestone-based pricing and price-per-batch for established processes.

Fee for service: Time and materials projects or fixed price projects are suited to large scale development and cGMP manufacturing, where the subject matter has strong literature support with known yields in the process. At this stage we have defined deliverables, with a focus on cost and efficiency.

Full time equivalent: FTE research is based on an hourly rate. It is best suited to early-stage drug discovery and medicinal chemistry. The aim is to be more flexible and dynamic as deliverables evolve with discovery. The focus of this stage is productivity, improvement, and innovation.

Supporting succes

We pride ourselves in providing a full range of services where our people’s experience and expertise are at the forefront.

Whatever stage of development you are at, our scientifically trained project managers will support you in developing your product. The person managing your project is very likely to be a member of the chemistry team. They will be in the lab and able to provide real time communication as the project evolves.

“For clients, it’s a winning combination. You access the best scientists to develop chemistry concepts in complete confidentiality, you own any improvements made for you within the GlycoSyn business model, and you can also ask GlycoSyn to take your drug compounds from the laboratory bench to manufacture for use in human clinical trials and commercial applications.

All this in the secure knowledge that your compound, and its documentation, will be treated with the same level of superior attention, confidentiality and quality assurance throughout.”

Dr Richard Furneaux
Director of Discovery Chemistry,
Ferrier Research Institute and GlycoSyn

Some of our Success Stories

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